Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Training is Here...Calling Mr. Morton

Baseball season is upon us. The kid has reported for duty in Bradenton, FL, and all that awaits is a season full of expectations that should be fulfilled. Charlie's part of the Bucs rotation, and we're all pulling for him.

Charlie also blogs for the Pirates. As a fellow blogger, I must promote his posts. Here is the link to Charlie's entries.

Finally, I have posted a link below from the Pirates' website. The web post below was about the benefit concert Charlie played in to help raise money for the victims in Haiti. Mr. Morton is a talented musician, but I'll let his skills in the videos speak for themselves.

Good luck this season #37...We're watching ya. Remember, it's just a game. Go out and have fun, and the skills you've got will follow your mind.

Link to Article on Morton's Benefit

All I Need

Link to Charlie's Music


Cynthia said...


Thank you so much for your support and kind words. I am no wordsmith, but I try to do half as good a job with my blog as you do with yours. Unfortunately, from here 'til the end of spring, I can blog only once or twice a week. Joe asked if I could cut back to help maintain focus on the field. I hope the weather up there isn't too bad, and I hope to see you soon. Again, I really appreciate what you said. You do a great job, and I'll look to your blogs as a teaching tool.

Thank You!



Hi Jonny! I love you!

JKW said...

No thanks necessary #37. Just continue to work hard, and good things will follow. Sometimes in the early phases of success, hard work is all a man has at the end of the day.

The only thoughts I would offer is think about how comfortable you feel when playing guitar. That's exactly how you should feel on the mound. If you put the time in and work at your craft, you'll be in that position. You'll own the hitters you face.

Go git 'em bro.