Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pootie Tang -- 2009 Fantasy Football Champion

It's official, I won the fantasy football league this year. Team Pootie Tang went 13-3 and was #2 in the Power Rankings.  Some notes from the tremendous year;

Drafted and kept:
Phillip Rivers, QB
Thomas Jones, RB
Marques Colston, WR
DeSean Jackson, WR
Matt Forte, RB

Picked up and won with:
Tim Hightower, RB
Jamaal Charles, RB
Vernon Davis, RB
Saints ST/Defense
Rob Bironas, K

After drafting Forte #4 overall, he killed me all season, but I kept him for match-ups.  The pickups absolutely won me the championship.  Finally, I got the first-round bye in week 14, then played the guy who had Kurt Warner week 15.  I lost by 3.5 points, but then the NFL comes out and says that one of Warner's TD passes to Anquan Boldin was a lateral, and as such, ruled  a rushing touchdown for Boldin, no TD for Warner.

Pootie goes from a loss of 3.5 points to a win by 2.5 and gets into the championship.  I will say that the guy I beat had Manning and Collie week 16, and we all know what was going on by then.  But a win is a win.

Congrats to Jon's Pootie Tang for winning the Championship! Jon beat out a tough team fielded by Mark's Real Men of Genius. Jon had a great year, winning 4 high points, taking the #2 seed, chasing Jason for the points title, and then winning it all. Mark also had a great year, as he made it all the way to 2nd place.

Jon wins $        for first place.
Mark takes $       for 2nd.
Jason wins $       for the points title.

Peter's Where's the Beer takes the final high points payout, and I'll be mailing that along with the remaining checks later this week. Thanks for another great season, and I hope that everyone returns next year!