Sunday, October 11, 2009

My First "Blog Post" [circa 1988]

I was going through some of my stuff recently and found a newspaper clipping from the local paper that I had kept all of these years. The clipping was from "The Reporter", the local newspaper published in Lansdale, PA, back in 1988. I was in junior high, and had sent in an "op-ed/opinion" to the staff there after a well publicized Air Show crash happened at Ramstein Air Force base in Germany that year.

The Italian Air Force had been performing a maneuver called the "Pierced Heart." In this maneuver, 8 jets from a heart shape, and then one jet flies through the middle of the formation at a faster speed, piercing the heart formation, and the other jets scatter. However, on this day, the pilot who performed the pierced part of the formation collided with the main formation. Three of the 10 jets were destroyed, but worse yet was that the piercing jet crashed near the spectators, and its fuel tank made it to the spectators burning and killing many of them. One of the jets from the formation that was hit also tragically crashed into an area that had rescue helicopters, killing one of the pilots on the ground there as well. In all, 70 people were killed by the events that day.

There were two things I wanted to be growing up; a fighter pilot and a doctor. [Yeah look at me now...] So I naturally took the contrarian position and defended the pilots while acknowledging the tragic result of that day. But beyond that, looking back, it really was my first attempt at what was to later become a blog by this author.

Link to Wikipedia entry on disaster