Sunday, July 19, 2009

Morton Gets Win Against San Fran

Charlie got the 2-0 win this past Saturday against San Fran and showed Bucs fans what we've known for some time. Some video of his game, and the write-up is here.

The kid's got great stuff. Saturday night, he had great movement and kept the ball down. What was also good was that he kept hitters off balance when got second and third looks at him.

Some stats from Saturday's game:

7 innings pitched
3 hits
2 walks
6 K's

Charlie faced 25 batters, and had 10 ground outs with 2 fly outs. Mr. Morton also threw 90 pitches, 58 were strikes for a ratio of approximately 2:1. The best part about the game was that he felt good and wanted to stay out there past 7 innings.

Great win Charlie. Remember the name folks. It's fun to watch people go after their dream.