Thursday, June 11, 2009

Project Natal

Well, it's finally here. I think that this was inevitable, and MSFT should thank Nintendo for initially building the market for this application. At the most recent E3 show, MSFT unveiled its latest application for the Xbox 360. The project, codenamed "Natal", utilizes technology to do full-body motion capture. This is essentially the same technology used in film production when people where the body suits with "balls" all over them to capture their movements. Here's a link in case you are thinking about doing some motion capture and need a suit.

Wow, this is really cool. The battle to seize control of your living room between Sony and Microsoft has just gone nuclear. Round 1 went to MSFT with their launch of Xbox before Sony, Round 2 went to Sony for the entertainment industry's endorsement of Blu-Ray vs. HD, and now in Round 3, the Wii sets the table and MSFT runs with it.

Competition is a good thing, it drives us forward. Remember that when you think about the state of affairs and bail-out nation.