Monday, May 25, 2009

New Blackberry -- Code Named "Onyx"

I'll keep this short and sweet. I've loved Blackberry every since I can remember. I used to have a Palm PDA back in the day, but now, I must say that the I am addicted to my Blackberry Bold. I looked at the iPhones, and they are neat. But I just couldn't get around the keyboard issue.

Here is a site I frequent often. It's, and the author has access to new products from RIMM. BTW, RIMM traded down from a high of $110 since the beginning of 2008 to around 40-50, but has since rebounded. I think the following blackberry has introduced has kept their product cycles robust, since the latest innovation was WiFi and a better display from the Curve.

Enjoy. RIMM and Blackberry, the best things to come out of Canada.

Link to Video Comparison of "Onyx" to Bold, Curve, Storm
If nothing else, the Johnny Cash is worth it.

Link to Comparison/Review of "Onyx" (March 24, 2009)