Saturday, May 30, 2009

GigaPan -- Unbelievably cool technology

I had heard about this technology earlier, but then stumbled across it recently. If you haven't heard or seen, check it out here. In a nutshell, it photo stitches together thousands of pictures from independent sources to generate a "whole" picture.

There is an especially incredible "gigapan" of Obama's inauguration. It's located here. The cool thing too is that you can pan and zoom. It's really incredible. My personal favorite is here. It's a nighttime shot of the NYC skyline from Weehawken. This is exactly what I would see riding the bus into work every morning. The city is truly beautiful.

The technology was based upon work done by NASA, Carnegie Mellon and Google. Another win for Google, I want to hate them, but I think that in 20 years, they will own MSFT, and MSFT knows it.

Gigapan of Duck Bay on Mars

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