Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4 Milion Snuggie's Sold

If you haven't heard by now, here is another sign that something is seriously wrong, or at least, there's something seriously wrong with at least 4 million people. Apparently, USA Today has reported that the Snuggie has sold 4 million units as of Jan 2009. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please refer to the infomercial below. The family of idiots looks like a cult. Thank god they didn't wear the white ones for the commercial...

I remember seeing this infomercial while up with Allison at like 4AM back in December, and honestly, I thought I was hallucinating from the sleep deprivation. Apparently not, sadly it's for real. While there's lots I could say, I think I'm most upset with myself for not thinking up the idea because clearly I believe the market is potentially endless for this crap. Hopefully the inventor is selling it below cost, so that he/she goes bankrupt. My theory is that the birth of the Snuggie was a manufacturing mistake, and someone said, well, we've got 4 million of them, some idiot will buy it. (Remember button candy? That was clearly a clogged nozzle for some candy at Willy Wonka' thing you know, you have button candy.)

4 million idiots later....Put on a f#^%@#g sweatshirt, you Klingons. No wonder the jobs are heading overseas.

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Cynthia said...

Some people like the idea of a snuggie and were considering purchasing it. Some of those people also purchased the "SHAMWOW". But I'm with you, those people are nuts.