Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Best "App" for Blackberry Bold

Pandora is an application for phones. It is basically a smart internet radio service that allows you to create radio stations based upon your interests. The station then generates a song list that is based upon other people's similar interests. The technology is fairly well established, but for some reason, this one works really well for your phone. You can go to their website over the internet to set up your station/interests, but be forewarned. The free service tries to monetize the service via lots of ads. But for some reason, there are no ads or pop-ups on my Bold.

It's a really good free service, and worth it if you have the unlimited data package.

Link to Pandora

Google Maps and Street View

I have a good friend from B-school whose name shall go unmentioned. This person hates Google, swears by it, so I've dedicated this post to him.

I'm a big fan of Google Maps, given that it seems robust and much better than Yahoo maps, and god forbid Mapquest. If you are still using Mapquest, do yourself a favor and stop.

Google Maps is on my Blackberry, and the GPS function is phenomenal. I have used it on several occasions, and am glad that I didn't spend the $5,000 to get a GPS mounted into the car as an option when I can get it on my phone. One thing I had always wondered is how the street views are generated on Google maps...Below is an image of this Streetview, that gives you an actual view of the street you may want to navigate.

Well if you search a bit, you can see that the street views are generated with cars that have cameras mounted on their roofs. It's fairly amazing, but one thing should occur to you when you see this. If the government was doing this, would you think the technology is so cool?

Makes you think, and reminds me of the "law of unintended consequences." Google is a fascinating technology with endless potential really. But with great power comes great responsibility, someone once said. Most often you might think of these words in the context of "stem cell research" or "nuclear power" but sometimes the most disruptive, potentially devastating technology can seem as innocuous as an internet map that is a huge improvement over the last generation of web-based map technology.

If nothing else, it makes you stop and think. But if you've got nothing to hide, what's the fuss? I am personally of the opinion that there are too many people on the planet, so any deterrence is fine with me if it makes folks think before they act.

Links to Google Streetview Controversy here, and here

Wikipedia entry on Google Streetview here

Video of Streetview Car in action

GigaPan -- Unbelievably cool technology

I had heard about this technology earlier, but then stumbled across it recently. If you haven't heard or seen, check it out here. In a nutshell, it photo stitches together thousands of pictures from independent sources to generate a "whole" picture.

There is an especially incredible "gigapan" of Obama's inauguration. It's located here. The cool thing too is that you can pan and zoom. It's really incredible. My personal favorite is here. It's a nighttime shot of the NYC skyline from Weehawken. This is exactly what I would see riding the bus into work every morning. The city is truly beautiful.

The technology was based upon work done by NASA, Carnegie Mellon and Google. Another win for Google, I want to hate them, but I think that in 20 years, they will own MSFT, and MSFT knows it.

Gigapan of Duck Bay on Mars

Here's some other links to Gigapan related websites.

Gigapan Magazine
Gigapan Facebook Page

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gwinnett Braves -- Morton gets the win

Charles threw 7 innings of 4 hits ball, giving up just 1 ER yesterday. The kid is 6-2 as a starter and has an ERA of 2.91 in his rehab assignment with the Gwinnett Braves.

Here is the link to Charlie's latest outing...

New Blackberry -- Code Named "Onyx"

I'll keep this short and sweet. I've loved Blackberry every since I can remember. I used to have a Palm PDA back in the day, but now, I must say that the I am addicted to my Blackberry Bold. I looked at the iPhones, and they are neat. But I just couldn't get around the keyboard issue.

Here is a site I frequent often. It's, and the author has access to new products from RIMM. BTW, RIMM traded down from a high of $110 since the beginning of 2008 to around 40-50, but has since rebounded. I think the following blackberry has introduced has kept their product cycles robust, since the latest innovation was WiFi and a better display from the Curve.

Enjoy. RIMM and Blackberry, the best things to come out of Canada.

Link to Video Comparison of "Onyx" to Bold, Curve, Storm
If nothing else, the Johnny Cash is worth it.

Link to Comparison/Review of "Onyx" (March 24, 2009)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Very Cool Time Lapse Videos

Flatiron Building New York City from Brian Przypek on Vimeo.

I stumbled upon a cool time lapse website. The site has lots of time lapse videos of different areas. Above is the time lapse of the Flat Iron building in NYC.

Here is a link to the site....

A Nice Story in the News

Here's a nice story that's making its rounds. A mother got her degree today. Apparently, her son, who was serving in Iraq, flew back to surprise her and give his mom her diploma. Good stuff. Congrats to them both.

Link is here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ass of the Week

There are three recipients for this week's award...Reps. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii), Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) and Mike Simpson (R-Idaho). Apparently these three elected congressmen want to investigate college football's BCS (Bowl Championship Series.)

Don't these people have more important things to worry about? There is always a motive; if you read between the lines, the motive gets back to Hawaii and Boise State being kept out of the series despite having undefeated seasons. Why were these teams kept out of the BCS in the past? Because the invisible hand of economics dictates that not many people would watch those two teams. To quote elected official Neil Abercrombie, who argues for the very reason as to why these two teams were left out:

Abercrombie said the matter is worthy of federal review because college football is big business with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.

"It's money. That's what this is all about," he said.

No sh*t. I'm sure these three entered politics to help people.

I'm sure congressmen Simpson is on the 3rd weiner-speeder-bike...

4 Milion Snuggie's Sold

If you haven't heard by now, here is another sign that something is seriously wrong, or at least, there's something seriously wrong with at least 4 million people. Apparently, USA Today has reported that the Snuggie has sold 4 million units as of Jan 2009. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please refer to the infomercial below. The family of idiots looks like a cult. Thank god they didn't wear the white ones for the commercial...

I remember seeing this infomercial while up with Allison at like 4AM back in December, and honestly, I thought I was hallucinating from the sleep deprivation. Apparently not, sadly it's for real. While there's lots I could say, I think I'm most upset with myself for not thinking up the idea because clearly I believe the market is potentially endless for this crap. Hopefully the inventor is selling it below cost, so that he/she goes bankrupt. My theory is that the birth of the Snuggie was a manufacturing mistake, and someone said, well, we've got 4 million of them, some idiot will buy it. (Remember button candy? That was clearly a clogged nozzle for some candy at Willy Wonka' thing you know, you have button candy.)

4 million idiots later....Put on a f#^%@#g sweatshirt, you Klingons. No wonder the jobs are heading overseas.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gary Dell'Abate's First Pitch at Citi Field (5/9/09)

Here's a clip of Gary Dell'Abate, the producer from Howard Stern's show. They've been railing him for 2 days, and, well, it was well deserved.

Enjoy. Oooo fa.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Trip Down Computer Memory Lane

Here's another great post on old school computer hardware and software. If you recognize the items on this list, you probably had a Panasonic KX-1124 dot matrix printer printing boldface by printing the same line three times.

Post on old school computer stuff is here...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bill Gates, Commodore 64 Easter Egg, and Computer Archaeology

If you are a computer/techie geek like me, you owe it to yourself to check out the following blog post...The author walks through some of the early folklore that surrounds Microsoft and Bill Gates. Two things leap out at you after reading the story:

1. Computer programmers were incredibly paranoid, and for good reason. Those who recognized the technology's application and potential knew the stakes were enormous.

2. The early computers that predate what we have today is a great reminder of the progress that has occurred. Singularity is certainly closer than we were just 30 years ago. In fact, etching and circuit width is the latest bottleneck to processor speed. It's amazing to see the old 8-bit architectures that laid the foundation for the 64-bit technology that exist today.

For those who don't know, "Easter eggs" are things that programmers put into their work that are secret. But they are accessible, usually via some special action to trigger the special treat. Here is a link devoted to various easter eggs found in various formats (DVD movies, software, etc.). As a side note, the first egg i found was the one in Excel; the original programmers apparently put the game "Spy Hunter" into Excel 97, and the game would appear upon a certain formula and sequence of events in Excel.

Anyhow, for those that follow the folk lore of microsoft, check out the blog titled "Pagetable". The post on Bill Gates' first easter egg to send Commodore a message is a good one.

Link to Pagetable -- Software Archaeology

The Kid's Still Kicking

Charlie Morton is doing a rehab stint down in the minors for Atlanta. He's working through a minor injury, but hopefully will get back to the Show soon. If you want to follow his progress, the links are below.

Let's go what you do.

Link to Charlie's last outing

Link to the Gwinnett Braves

Link to Charlie's stats with Gwinnett