Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Frontline - Bush's War

For those who want to look beyond the headlines related to Iraq, you should watch Frontline's program "Bush's War." By posting about this, I am not taking a position, but this program is fascinating and gives a view of the events leading up to "shock and awe." To PBS's credit, the program examines the events that led to the decision to go in by looking at it from the perspective of the CIA, White House, FBI, Justice Dept., etc. If you watched Colin Powell present to the U.N. about the mobile missile launchers, etc. this program offers a fascinating behind the scenes that led to that presentation. The key takeaway is that you see how organizational dysfunction can lead to decisions that may be sub-optimal. While that statement is anything but profound, the stakes were enormous, so you owe it to yourself to at least understand potentially how we made the decision to go in with the best information we had at the time. This program makes it apparent that the information was all over the place. I think if nothing else, the program is a tribute to the brave men and women who have lost their lives over there.

Most who know me know I am fairly conservative on lots of things, and liberal on others, but really anything but political since at the end of the day I am a true cynic, but this program is worth watching. Albeit, it's an op-ed piece, but for those willing to set their political affiliations aside for the greater questions, you do have to ask, where are the WMDs?

Fast forward to today, and if nothing else, this program offers a possible answer as to how we potentially got the leadership we have today and why this country likely voted into office someone most had never ever even heard of, and looked the other way when most tough issues came up. It may have had nothing to do with race; things apparently were so bad people were ready for a change, no matter what it took.