Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol

This year's American Idol has been painful to watch in the early going, and I've alluded to why I've become hooked on the show here. One of my dreams would be to be able to sing while playing guitar, having taught myself how to play.

The three pictured in this clip are probably the most deserving to make it through to the finals. However, it's become painfully obvious how much better one contestant is versus all of the rest this season. Adam Lambert has in my opinion, completely exposed how ordinary the others are. It's true, these three all have tremendous vocal ability, but week in and week out, Adam continues to take huge risks that show not just how great his vocals are, but that he can interpret a song that's been done a million ways in that million+1 way that is so cool. The evolution of his celebrity began with his rendition of "Ring of Fire" (WTF???), and then broke out with his original version of Smokey Robinson's "Tracks of My Tears" (Holy sh*t) to his performance of Gary Jules/Tears for Fears song "Mad World" (Wow, the guy's for real) to finally tonight's version of "If I can't have you" (seriously, how do you make that disco upbeat song into a power-ballad? That guy just did it. Unf*#%ingbelivable.) The arc to celebrity has been really cool to watch evolve; in marketing, they call it the tipping point.

It's hard to really explain, but it's something that you see and just say "I can't really put into words what celebrity is, but I do know what it looks like." And that's kind of how you see things after this guy performs. To put another way, Paula Abdul is a complete trainwreck this season. But for some reason, her antics and words are only a distraction when speaking after the other performances. With this guy, she still says stupid things, but his performance is so memorable, you don't really remember what she says.

The only real question I have is, I think it's been acknowledged that Adam is gay. I wonder if America is ready for a "gay" american idol? I suspect they are, and hope so, because this guy is seriously an amazing singer/artist. Talent is talent. Good luck Adam. It's fun and inspiring to watch someone succeed in achieving their dreams.

Tracks of my Tears

Mad World

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Your insight is trully accurate. I couldn't agree more.