Monday, January 12, 2009

What a Game...The Eagles are in the NFC Championship Game

So the #6 seed goes on the road and beats Minnesota...and then this past weekend, bingo. The Giants are left for dead. What a defense, Jim Johnson is awesome, put the ball in Eli's hands, sans Plax, and the Birds earn a trip to Arizona. One more game, do you believe...?

I am sure it's been written, but I believe that benching D-Mac was Andy Reid's moment of clarity. It's very obvious that Andy has always tried to prove that he made the right pick taking Donovan as the #1 pick back in 1999 by creating gameplans that force Donovan to throw the ball all over the lot. The Birds finally look balanced, and the defense is playing out of its mind. Defenses win championships, it's been proven over and over again.

Go Birds...Please don't let this ride end. Let's shock the world Philly.