Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Tenants in the Fish Tank

I recently was "evicted" from my home office, and as part of the deal, I had to paint the walls for the new tenant, baby Allison, pink....So the nursery is all painted, and the furniture is on the way...!

However, as part of getting the nursery painted, I had to move my desk, books, and aquarium down to the basement. The desk wasn't too bad, just a piece of glass and supports, but the aquarium was another story.

Well cut to the chase, I moved the tank down by myself "successfully", which is a relative word. The tank didn't break, but moving a fish tank in general is a whole process. I drained 90% of the water (55 gallons) because I had to, and moved the fish to a holding tank. Once the tank was in place downstairs, I had to recharge the tank. I had no choice but to discard more than half the water, which has dire consequences.

When recharging the tank, I knew there would be a risk of a bacterial bloom, since bacteria in the new water, which is different from the nitrosomas, would probably go crazy with the food source in the gravel. But after watching for a day and a half, nothing, and all levels looked good. So the fish went back in. Big mistake.

I went out to run some errands and came back to see most of the fish struggling to breath in the cloudy water. I managed to save 2 of the fish, but it was a sad day. So moral of the story is, if you have to move a tank, try and save at least 50% of the water. If you can't, then keep fish in holding tank longer until bloom occurs.

The happy part of this story is that I put in some new fish. Below is a picture of the Golden Ram I saved, thank god, and I bought him a mate who you can see in the far left background.. I also got 2 Blue rams, which are smaller in size, but these cichlids from South America are quite peaceful. I also got a Syndontis, which is really cool, but he hides during the day in the rock because he doesn't like the light. Finally, got some Juli corycats. One of them is picture below as they all camped out by the bloodworm larvae in the foreground...