Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tough Week for Team Pootie

It was a tough week for Team Pootie. Put up 103 and lost to the high points winner of the week. D-Mac threw 3 touchdowns for the team, and Marion Barber and TO got us 40 points. Dogs of the week, Vikings Defense almost laid an egg, Aaron Rodgers, bite me.

Being a fantasy football manager is a lot like being a portfolio/asset manager. It's a long season, so I'm managing for the long run, but week to week is tough. You can think of each "position" (QB, RB, WR, etc.) as an asset class, and I'm looking for uncorrelated assets that have high returns and low volatility to generate consistent, high points through diversification across the entire portfolio. Specifically, in the short run, I'm looking to "diversify" my risk concentrated with the Dallas Cowboys, and I'd like to gain more exposure to a better Defense. Simply put, Pootie Tang needs to man up and get some players.