Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Team Pootie comes Roaring Back in Week 2

Team Pootie was down 116.5 to 57 going into Monday night's epic game between the Iggles and Dallas. I had D-Mac, Marion Barber and TO, and needed 59 points to win my game. I was 0-1 already, and this was not looking good, needing 20 points from each player.

Fred Taylor had screwed me again, Vikings D had let Peyton back into the game after a great 1st half of defense.

Team Pootie pulled it out. It was a confusing game to watch, but fun, since every possesion meant something to my fantasy football league game. D-Mac looks healthy again, and actually should have had two touchdowns ala Reggie Brown and DeSean Jackson. I hope Dawkins took care of that situation in the locker room this week. But if the exchange gets done between Westbrook and D-Mac, we send Tony, TO and Jerry friggin Jones home and we're the favorites.

Week 3 should be a close one. Playing the 0-2 guy in the division, so he's due, and I put Sheffler on the team and picked up Seattle D this week against the Rams.