Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC -- Will McCain Get a Bounce?? -- UPDATED

McCain is set to accept his party's nomination tonight. InTrade shows as of 8:00PM that the futures market for the presidential election pegs OB's chances at 59.8%, and McCain's at 39.6%. We will see...

Looks like the Palin bounce is in full effect. This is a tremendous election year, like watching two midgets argue over who is taller. The public will choose between which choice is less worse. Whoever wins, either candidate is screwed and the agency issue will rear its ugly head once fame and power are achieved by leadership midget 1 or 2. The question we all find ourselves asking at the end of the day is which candidate potentially screws us less? Think about it.

Check this tomorrow to see if the bounce moves McCain higher than 40%...