Friday, September 12, 2008

Log Me In -- Remote Access to Home Computer from Anywhere

This is a great, free service that you can use to access your home computer from anywhere. The service is called Log Me In ( and it's tremendous. Justin told me about while in Seattle, and I now use it to check on our dog since I have a webcam hooked up to a computer at home. It's just cause I miss her during the day, and like to check in and make sure she's ok.

The simple idea is much like Window's NetMeeting, where you give control to a remote user who then can troubleshoot your computer, etc. If you want to use the free service, you go to the site from a computer at home you want to access, and create an account with Log Me In. Then you enroll the computer, and you're done. Test it out by going to another computer and you can log in much like you would when you access the computer as if you were sitting right there. Be aware though, not all corporate firewalls let you do this, but I've tested from hotels, etc. and it works. Make sure you click on the "free service," as they do auto-enroll you in fee service after 30 days. But once you sign up, just change the subscription/service level from the dashboard and you will never be charged. I've never been. I used to use Orb, which is also good, but this is much more multi-functional, in case I need to access files from home, etc.

Here's a screenshot of Katie cakes looking over our couch. We've learned that her routine is to sleep on our couch most of the day, but she begins each day flipping over our rug and throwing a pillow onto the floor. It's kind of funny to watch. (Click to enlarge)