Friday, September 12, 2008

Dogtown -- Redemption

National Geographic has a special on TV that documents the sanctuary that took in the pit bulls from Michael Vick. The sanctuary (and name of the show) is called Dogtown, and it provides an illustration of how these dogs were rehabilitated and resocialized. I watched it recently, and it is a truly heartwarming story about how animals are no different than humans in that they can rise above tremendous suffering. If I were rich, I'd probably be doing something like this. I blogged about Vick's dogs before here.

If you have a chance, check the show out. I promise it will warm your heart. Thank god these dogs found peace. Their rehabilitation makes the dogs seem more humane than some of the human sh*t out there.

Official Link to Show

Official Link to Sanctuary on Show

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Anonymous said...

We watched it was heartwarming...Killian's poor cousins..