Friday, August 8, 2008

Morton Goes 7 Innings, Beats Diamondbacks

Look at that arm angle, head's up and the world is yours...

The kid went 8 complete innings, scattering 5 hits while giving up 1 walk with 4 SO. He gave his Braves a chance to win last night, and they backed him up with runs. Charlie also got his first hit, a double, that was roped out to left field. The swing looked sweet (I'm looking for it on YouTube as I write this), staying back and on top of it. (We won't talk about what happened after, but read the re-cap to hear Bobby's take on it.) Curve ball was devastating tonight, and CM had nice movement on his fastball, and changed speeds nicely throughout the game. The proof is in the ground balls, the double plays, and the broken bats after jamming guys and running things in and away.

Nice job Charlie. As tough as St. Louis probably was, and we felt for you, it looks like it was good for you. Going through the tough times gives you the gut check you need to decide how much you like to do what you're doing, and how bad you want to get better. Most wilt, your last two starts show us you've chosen a different path. All I saw on Fox Sports Network tonight when they came out of commercial was "a kid with a towel on his head, smiling and having fun on the bench." That's what this is about, and it's always up to you.

Keep it going brother. Tomorrow don't matter, and the next batter don't matter. It's just like golf, one shot at a time. The Braves believe in you, and tonight it showed why it's a team game. You are a Major League professional pitcher for the Atlanta Braves.

Great outing and great win Charlie. Welcome to The Show.

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Lauren T. said...

Hi, a link to your blog appeared on a Google alert for Charlie Morton. (I run a little Braves blog and have alerts set up for most of the players.) I took video of Charlie's first hit, if you're still interested -- it's in this post. It's not the best quality, but it also got the pickoff. :)

Happy new year!