Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ass of the Week -- "The Promise of Alternative Energy"

There are many candidates for this week's award, probably most notably Brett Farve (I know, I am still a fan, but I think the saga that played out certainly detracts from some of his reputation...More on this later.) There's also Bob Costas, doing the Olympics, whom Chris Collingsworth called out early in one telecast after it was implied that Costas hadn't been to any of the events he so eloquently expounds upon night in and night out. CC stated "You should go see these events. They're amazing..." Bob Costas, Chris Behrman, John Madden and Dick Vitale are dinosaurs, and flat out annoying. Costas apparently played baseball with Babe Ruth, Chris Behrman just rhymes every players name, but doesn't have an original thought to say, John Madden sounds drunk up in the booth, and Dick Vitale states the obvious in a high pitched squeal. It's bad. Oh and don't forget Dick Enberg. Jesus, grab a kleenex when that's guys bits start...

But while all are worthy, I would give this week's award to "the dude who wouldn't let go". This dude has no name, but a video of him in action has been all over the news since Tropical Storm "Fay" hit Florida. The video is posted below, and seriously, I couldn't stop laughing the first time I saw it, and it makes me laugh every subsequent time I watch it. Dude, just let go. You can get another friggin' kite/parasail.

The video proves that if this country could instill good energy policies and incentives for wind energy, we could kick our addiction to oil. I'm all for it. Mother Nature is awesome, ask this guy if wind power is real or not.