Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Press Pass Sheets for the Talking Heads

A long time ago, Willy and I went to the Vet to watch an Eagles game. Merrill Reese, the voice of the Philadelphia Eagles, works the booth with Mike Quick. Merrill often played golf with us at TVGC, and invited us to the booth before the game. It's a really cool operation.

In football, they have a spotter who sticks a thumbtack into a board that has player numbers and names on a grid. There is a board for offense and defense, and basically, while Merrill and Mike would talk, the spotter would put the push pin into the number of the player who was making the play. This way, Merrill could quickly glance down and see who was making tackles, etc. since the game moves so fast with lots of players in the mix. If you've never seen, it's an amazing operation.

Well, having signed up for MLB.com, you can see the press passes that the talking heads get for calling baseball games. It's an extensive piece of reporting, with stats and factoids galore. Here is one page (there were 9 pages total) from a recent Atlanta Braves game...
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