Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th -- Ava!!

Mommie to be with sister-mommie
Erin and I spent the 4th with Becky, Rog, Mom, and Laurie and Pete, and of course, Ava. She's almost 2 months old, but much bigger than when we saw her the day she was born. She's absolutely precious...!

So it should be known that I am now known as "Uncle Jon, Baby Holding Hog", but how could you not want to hold her? It reminded me of holding Laurie and Cindy when they were little, who doesn't like holding babies? Burping is a bit of a struggle, but Ava's gained a lot of weight and looks so cute!

"I love my auntie Erin..." Look at that smile.

It was nice to see Erin and Becky bond over all the things we should expect this coming December. It's exciting to think about, and overwhelming at times, but it helps to have great support from Becky and Rog and everyone down in DE, we're so thankful.

Here's to you Ava! Happy 4th of July from Uncle Jon and Auntie Erin!

The Baby Holding Hog, in action
I sleeping! Leave me alone!