Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Simply Amazing

No, it's not one of those Magic Eye posters...

These are pictures of the Mars lander "Phoenix", descending upon the Martian surface. The first is an enlarged picture of the lander, while the second shows the scale of the crater the lander landed in.

Mars is approximately 50 - 250 million miles away from the Earth (the distance fluctuates because each planets' orbit does not make up perfect concentric circles).

Think about it. I'm the first to admit that I can barely drive to Delaware without getting lost, and most days, the cell phones we use barely get reception god forbid we walk through a tunnel. This thing flew millions of miles through space, landed succesfully on the surface of another planet, and radioed back pictures.

Simply amazing and 'effing awesome. Thank you NASA for making us all realize that the human race could potentially do anything or overcome any problems if we truly wanted to. The reality is that competing incentives and the lack of a superordinate goal makes it often feel otherwise on this blue marble.

Official Mission Site