Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Graphology -- Continued

Yahoo listed this story on its entry page this morning. While I have blogged about this before here, this story is interesting because they look at the handwriting of the three presidential candidates.

At first glance, you could argue that Clinton's signature suggests that she is very controlled, pays attention to detail, and has a somewhat high self-esteem given the upswing at the end of her signature. The controlling nature is suggested by the very clear, un-rushed signature, as if she is thinking about the way she is perceived or looks, or thinking about everything she says and how it will be interpreted.

John McCain's signature suggests a very authoritative nature, with the sharp strokes. The little "c" is interesting because if you try and do this signature, you have to pause to make this letter before continuing on. It suggests a tendency to be decisive first but that later, he may contemplate his actions only after he has begun to set them in motion. The down-swing in his signature suggests that he may waver with his esteem, but that could be said with all of us.

Finally, BO's signature is extremely interesting. Graphology suggests that people who sign their name illegibly may have an air of arrogance, or are extremely evasive or secretive. Signing your name to the point where it is highly illegible suggests a subconscious exertion of power, because people must decipher what it is you've penned. It's subtle. Obama's illegible signature also suggests a protective or private nature, in that, i'm hard to understand, or I don't have to explain to you what I'm about because I know what I'm about and that's what matters. Self-confidence bordering on arrogance, etc. Finally, the "leftward" tilt that evolves "rightward" suggests that BO may have protective/private tendencies when asked to open up to others, but maybe wants to open up despite this.

Multiple samples from these folks where you don't know who the sample is from ("a blinded study") would be more telling than one data point. But it is interesting.

Link to Yahoo Story

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