Monday, May 5, 2008

And the Ass of the Week is....?

These days, there are almost too many choices, but after careful consideration, I believe this week's award goes to Roger Clemens. Roger has spent a lot of time in the news recently, and none of it has been very flattering. While it isn't really a surprise, what is at stake is Roger's character and reputation as he continues to fight the accusations about steroid use. Somewhere, Brian McNamee's lawyer is drinking a celebratory beer while Roger's counsel is probably in a bar doing tequila shooters as his case just got harder to defend.

If the prosecution wants to prove Roger's alledged use via "roid rage", I would find Mike Piazza and ask him to take the witness stand. Maybe he can hopefully recall being 1) beaned in the head by RC and 2) have RC throw the broken bat back to Mike instead of grabbing the slow rolling grounder as Mike ran to first base in the playoffs back in 2000 fall classic.

Innocent until proven guilty, they say, but this cannot bode well for team Clemens.

Link to Clemens Latest PR Nightmare