Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Random Thoughts about The Masters

If you are a golf fan, then you love the Masters. It's the number one tournament, followed by the US Open. There is always drama, and this year will undoubtedly deliver the same.

Betting Lines on the Winner Tiger is just about even money at 3/2 to win and a 5/1 bet vs. the field. Incidentally, the 5/1 bet vs. the field is better chances than the next best chance to win, which is Phil Mickleson at 8/1. (Odds at Bodog sports betting site.) That is insane, but a bet that isn't hard to take given recent history. The bookies have probably been tearing their hair out, trying to get folks to take the other side of the "trade", which requires setting favorable odds for the other 143 golfers at the tournament that week when Tiger is playing. The only thing Tiger "isn't" good at, if there is such a thing, is that he isn't a good at coming from behind. He's virtually undefeated when leading after 3 rounds, but when he has to come from behind, his record is less than stellar. My pick is Geoff Ogilvy, because he has the game to go deep at Augusta. If I were a betting man, Ogilvy would get me 40/1.

Tiger is human There have been some interesting articles about Tiger lately. Everyone seems to think he's this angelic, gracious figure, but he's a competitor. In his defense, he's the most public of figures, so to be fair, we'd all probably like to punch a photographer that takes a picture in the middle of the equivalent of our backswing.

Tiger doesn't need to practice The other interesting article was an interview with Casey Martin. For those not familiar, Casey Martin played collegiate golf with Tiger at Stanford, and has a debilitating circulatory ailment in one of his legs. The issue for Casey was that he took on the PGA, demanding to be able to ride a cart in professional tournaments because walking the courses left him in pain. The PGA ruled against him. The interesting thing Casey stated was that everyone thinks Tiger works on his swing for 20 hours a day. Casey claimed that Tiger, Phil, all these guys are so good at what they do, they don't have to practice.

One last random note. I was watching the Kansas - Memphis NCAA championship game monday night, and it occurred to me that Jim Nantz is living a truly blessed life. There he is, calling one of the all time great championship games with Billy Packer, then he gets to get on a plane and go be the lead commentator at the Masters. Some guys have all the luck.

Enjoy the Masters!

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