Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's in the Bag?

Erin got me Titleist's new Hybrid club for my birthday. 17 degrees, something to fill the gap between my 3-iron and 3-wood. I've been playing Titlest's 983K driver with a YS-6 in it. It's not like these new drivers, that look like, as Duane puts it, "swinging a damn VW beetle on the end of a stick."

Golf Digest does this article in every issue that documents for readers what clubs a pro plays. As it gets warmer, and closer to the season, I find myself thinking more and more about teeing it up. I'm in the mood to dream, so here is the Feb version of my "dream" issue of Golf Digest...

What's in the Bag
: Jonathan K. Weil

Driver: Titleist 983K, 8.5 deg loft, Graphite Designs YS-6 Shaft
3-Wood: Titleist 975, 13.5 deg loft, Sensicore X100 Shaft
Hybrid: Titleist 983.H, 17 deg loft, Sensicore S300 Shaft
3 Iron - PW: Callaway x-12 Pro Series, 6.0 Rifle Shafts
Gap Wedge: Cleveland CG10, 50 deg loft
Sand Wedge: Cleveland CG10, 55 deg loft
Lob Webge: "Tour" Cleveland Knock-off, 60 deg loft
Putter: Odessey 990 Blade
Ball: Titleist ProV1

Here is a picture of my ball marker from Bucknell and 2 one dollar bills from some dude in Washington State.

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