Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tenth Dimension

Rob Braynton has been at the forefront of dimensional thinking, and recently wrote a book on the 10th dimension. For those counting, we all know the 3 dimensions, and the 4th being time (or more accurately, "space-time"), but physicists are still trying to work to the higher orders.

Here is a link to a short film about the 10th dimension. It's probably one of the best explanations. If you've ever heard of string theory, or the GUT (Grand Unified Theory), then this will interest you, since after the 10th dimension, you cannot go higher unless string theory begins to marry the mechanical laws we are familiar with, with the quantum mechanical laws that govern the sub-atomic universe.

Finally, there is a website/service called "Stumble Upon" put in your interests and this service sends you to web pages on the internet that match your interests. It's how I "stumbled" upon Rob's site, but I highly recommend it...

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Rob Bryanton said...

Hi Jonathan, thanks for posting a link to my animation. I continue to be amazed at how word of mouth keeps spreading the Imagining the Tenth Dimension meme.
A lot of people have questions about the logic I use in this animation, if you type the words tenth dimension faq into google you'll find a blog entry that's a good starting point into that discussion. Going to tenthdimension dot com slash forum, or slash chat, or slash blog are all ways into my personal obsession with trying to give people ways to imagine the "omniverse".


Rob Bryanton