Monday, February 4, 2008


Credit: NYTimes
There have recently been two great articles about the rehabilitation efforts people are making with the pitbulls rescued from Michael Vick on CNN.dom and the NYTimes. I am the first to admit I may be a bit biased when it comes to the reputation of pitbulls, but if these articles don't warm your heart, then you have no soul. It goes to show that we are all a victim of the circumstances we live within, but that we can all strive to overcome these circumstances, seek redemption, and find it. I've listed links to both stories that ran.

(Warning: Both articles give graphic details of the alleged abuse these animals endured. If you are a Vick fan, you should read, because you might need to ask yourself some tough questions.)

In the articles I've seen on behavior and motives, pitbulls are no different than people, and ultimately a pitbull's one true fault is that they seek to please their owners like all dogs. So when you hear that one has attacked, just remember, there might be more to the story than a dog acting in a vacuum. Last I read, the tiger that ate that dude in California was being taunted. And the tiger that attacked Sigfried and Roy, well can you really blame it? Setting the tights aside, ask yourself, what would you do if someone was whipping you to jump up on a stool?

Maybe all I'm really trying to say is to just think about it. Sometimes those headlines are nothing more than designed to get clicked because sensationalism combined with a lazy minded public is what increases advertising rates.

Link to CNN Article about Rehabilitated Pitbulls Taken from Mike Vick

Link to NY Timews Article

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