Sunday, February 17, 2008

How to detect if someone is lying

Caption: As you look at the person you are asking the question to

We've all been lied to at some point or another, and most of us rely upon our gut or instincts to know this. I've posted several links below that you may find interesting, since they document some key behaviors and tendencies that suggest someone is lying.

For instance, FBI profilers have established that your eyes say a lot. For instance, when you ask someone a question, you can tell if they are trying to "recall" something (being truthful) or "constructing" something (being untruthful) to answer your question. More specifically, with the subject facing you, if the subject looks up to your right, they are trying to recall something. If they look up to your left, the subject is fabricating their story.

If you don't believe me, ask yourself a question, like "what did I eat last week?" and see if you find yourself looking up to the left as you think about what it was you ate. Then ask yourself a question like "if I won the lottery, what would I do?" and see if you find yourself looking up to the right. (If you are asking someone something and suspect them of lying, reverse the directions since the person answering will be facing you, which is what the picture

I am not making this up, it all gets back to how our brains are wired. But ultimately, there are many things you can observe when you ask someone a question to determine if they are being truthful or not. So the next time you ask someone an important question, remember, it's all in the eyes.


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