Tuesday, January 15, 2008

T.O. was Right about Favre & "Remember the turds"

Whatever you think about T.O., there are two things for certain; he makes any QB he plays with better, and he was right about playing for a guy like Favre vs. McNabb. Besides having better stats, Farve recently won Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year while McNabb thinks it's ok to park in handicapped spots.

Below is a story that Peter King, sportswriter for SI.com, wrote about the Packer QB....

Factoid of the Week That May Interest Only Me II
Seems that the Packers have this 2007 tradition that started the first week of the season. Instead of a rookie getting the donuts at Stadium Bakery across the street from Lambeau Field, coach Mike McCarthy gets a few dozen the morning before each home game. And in the team meeting and the quarterbacks/wide receivers meeting that morning, the donuts are devoured.

One of the donuts is a plain, small, crescent-shaped brown thing, with a couple of small ridges. Glazed. When McCarthy brought them in at the beginning of the season, Brett Favre took one look at them and christened them "turds.'' A couple of times Favre has had to remind McCarthy to "remember the turds.''

On Friday morning, I went into Stadium Bakery and ordered one turd. "Aaah,'' the guy said. "You must have talked to someone from the Packers.'' It cost 60 cents. It reminded me of a regular plain donut, with a glazed frosting. Not so memorable, really, except the name it's been given in the building across the street.

Link to Farve Sportsman of the Year:

Link to McNabb Story

As an Iggles fan living in Jersey and working in NYC, I have to root for the Pack. Git 'ir done Brett.