Thursday, January 31, 2008

Guitar Tab -- Matchbox 20's "Bright Lights"

Back around 1997, when I got back from WSU, I bought a Takamine G330 acoustic guitar, lowered the action on it, and taught myself how to play. As most will tell you, all of the great songs are simple I, IV, V progressions, with a minor VI chord thrown in to bridge back and forth to the Vth. Well case in point, Matchbox 20 was a band that stormed onto the scene in 1996 with their debut Yourself or Someone Like You...and their stuff was a great to teach yourself to play because every good song on their CD is anchored by G, C and D. "Hang" is probably one of their best ballads that you could teach yourself in 5 minutes if you know open G, C and D. Once I learned barre chords, the world was wide open.

There used to be this online database called OLGA that people could post guitar tablature, or "tabs," of songs on. I think the RIAA took it down due to copyright infringement, but most who posted always had a disclaimer stating that the work was the author's "own interpretation" of the song, and not plaguarized. Since OLGA was taken down, others have popped up. I remembered that I had posted my interpretation of Matchbox 20's "Bright Lights" song to OLGA a long time back, so I googled it, and there it was, as plain as day...