Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Charlie Morton" -- Remember the name

Charlie Morton is an up and coming pitcher that is part of the Atlanta Braves org. We first met the hard throwing right hander in NYC this past summer and then later this past holiday, as he and my kid sister Cindy are two peas in a pod.

Charlie most recently was part of the Braves farm system, and played in the Arizona Fall League which is where several organizations send their top prospects to play (Yankees, Nationals, Braves and others). His record was 4-1, with a 2.57 ERA. His SO/BB ratio was 20:8, with 21 IPs. Charlie told me he throws a 2- and 4-seamed fastball, a curve, a change and slider.

Before the Arizona Fall League, Charlie played for Philip Wellman's Mississippi Braves. Philip Wellman was the general manager who made national news with his hilarious blowup at the umps this past season...The grenade toss at 1:40 of the video is the best.

Charlie was recently signed to the Braves 40-man roster. If nothing else, I was struck by Charlie's humility, as he was drafted by the Braves at the age of 18, and has paid his dues working hard to make it to "the Show."

Congrats again Charlie on your recent, well-deserved success!

Remember the name "Charlie Morton."