Thursday, January 31, 2008

Absolutely Spot on...Only thing worse than the commute is the tourists

This guy's got it spot on. I couldn't have written it any better, I know, I know, the tourists support the economy and keep prices low (*snicker*) in the city...But it is truly the tourists that make the city suck. If you think you are above this, I encourage you to try and walk from 34th and 2nd Ave to 42nd Times Square and see how long your faith in humnity lasts.

Those of us who work in the city, or have even lived there, have this weird thing happen to us. As you walk about the tourist areas, your "evil twin" often emerges. Whether it's in the subways, Times Square, the Port Authority tunnel, or near the areas that the the tourist love (think 34th st, Empire State Building), all of a sudden, your evil twin's elbows start moving independent of you, you stop trying to get out of the way of people, and you start to make your own line through the mass of "walking crap," listening for the occasional "oh my gosh, did you see how rude that guy was" from the idiot who thinks he/she actually owns the sidewalk.

As Shawn would say, "Get off my planet!!! You're breathing my air?@!"

Well said Mr. Bean...Thanks to Dave Lozo...your blog's post is hilarious, and all true.