Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"How's Your Commute?"

I was recently asked this question while in Vermont for my buddy's wedding. His future father-in-law had given me a glass of wine from a cask he had bought and saved for the special occasion. As Erin and I were introduced to various folks, we stated that we had just moved from midtown manhattan to NJ, but that I was still working in midtown. And then the question came:

How is the commute?

If I wasn't a bit buzzed from the wine and tired from the drive up, I'd probably of said "it's fine, bearable." But that's only the answer on the best of days, so I replied "it S-U-C-K-S." However, the worst part is that I have lost a bit of weight since working in the city. So everyday on the bus, I end up having some fatass sit next to me. My theory is that these fatty's choose me because it appears there is more room cause I've lost so much weight. Not my fault they can't stop feeding their faces...

Sometimes I think I get too worked up about the commute, but MSNBC apparently confirms what I've been thinking all along...

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It is worth noting that I had a 3 block walk to work that took literally 5 minutes, so this is payback for the free lunch I was eating for 2 years. Truth be told, I love my job and the work I do so the commute is worth it.