Thursday, October 18, 2007

The F@#*%! Sofa Won't Fit!!!

Our house is a bit older, and as such, the hallways and stairs are rather narrow compared to the McMansions of today. The night the movers broght our stuff from NYC to NJ was a bit stressful because the box spring almost didn't fit up the stairwell since it was a queen size. But a few scratches later and the box spring was on its way.

However, the stairs down to the refinished basement were another story. Erin had a set of furniture that was from b-school, but of course, the movers could not get the sofa or loveseat or chair down the stairs.

Well, one recip saw later, a staple gun, some fabric, and a whole lot of swearing, and we got the stuff down to the basement. I saw a service online that took apart and rebuilt sofas for people that lived in the city, and decided "why not give it a shot? As we say in golf, God hates a coward."

"Inspirational"Link is here:

Enjoy the pics, and thanks for letting me share one of our successful, yet unintended projects with you.

Put Back Together After Using Recip Saw to Separate Back from Bottom of Sofa

This picture and the one above shows what the sofa looked like after I put the two pieces back together again.

Stapled New Backing Material

$15 worth of material from Wal-Mart and about 30 staples.

Good as new...