Thursday, October 18, 2007

The F@#*%! Sofa Won't Fit!!!

Our house is a bit older, and as such, the hallways and stairs are rather narrow compared to the McMansions of today. The night the movers broght our stuff from NYC to NJ was a bit stressful because the box spring almost didn't fit up the stairwell since it was a queen size. But a few scratches later and the box spring was on its way.

However, the stairs down to the refinished basement were another story. Erin had a set of furniture that was from b-school, but of course, the movers could not get the sofa or loveseat or chair down the stairs.

Well, one recip saw later, a staple gun, some fabric, and a whole lot of swearing, and we got the stuff down to the basement. I saw a service online that took apart and rebuilt sofas for people that lived in the city, and decided "why not give it a shot? As we say in golf, God hates a coward."

"Inspirational"Link is here:

Enjoy the pics, and thanks for letting me share one of our successful, yet unintended projects with you.

Put Back Together After Using Recip Saw to Separate Back from Bottom of Sofa

This picture and the one above shows what the sofa looked like after I put the two pieces back together again.

Stapled New Backing Material

$15 worth of material from Wal-Mart and about 30 staples.

Good as new...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"How's Your Commute?"

I was recently asked this question while in Vermont for my buddy's wedding. His future father-in-law had given me a glass of wine from a cask he had bought and saved for the special occasion. As Erin and I were introduced to various folks, we stated that we had just moved from midtown manhattan to NJ, but that I was still working in midtown. And then the question came:

How is the commute?

If I wasn't a bit buzzed from the wine and tired from the drive up, I'd probably of said "it's fine, bearable." But that's only the answer on the best of days, so I replied "it S-U-C-K-S." However, the worst part is that I have lost a bit of weight since working in the city. So everyday on the bus, I end up having some fatass sit next to me. My theory is that these fatty's choose me because it appears there is more room cause I've lost so much weight. Not my fault they can't stop feeding their faces...

Sometimes I think I get too worked up about the commute, but MSNBC apparently confirms what I've been thinking all along...

Link to Slideshow:

Link to Article:

It is worth noting that I had a 3 block walk to work that took literally 5 minutes, so this is payback for the free lunch I was eating for 2 years. Truth be told, I love my job and the work I do so the commute is worth it.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Jib-Jab: Fun with Existing Pictures

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
This is a site that you can use to take existing pictures and put them into Flash animations...

Here's one of us dancing.

Automatic Email Updates of New Posts

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Just type in your email address, and you will receive a verification email. Once you click on the link to verify, you will begin to get emails alerting you if a new post is up.

New Doggie Pics

Picture 008

Katie's is 1-1/2 year old mix (part german shepard, pit, lab, boxer mix) that loves to watch squirrels and eat peanut butter.

Erin and I love Katie for teaching us, among other things, that pit bulls get a bad rap. It's all how you raise them, just like kids. Don't be afraid of Katie, it's always a good thing to try to think differently from how people tell you you're supposed to think about something.

Here is the link to some new pics of Katie.
Picture 019

Rotating AVI Files

If your digital camera takes movies, inevitably you've taken movies with the camera roatated so the movie capture is "taller". Well, until now, i've avoided because most software packages (read "Apple iLife, etc.) are too expensive.

Here is a link to a free software platform that this guy Avery Lee wrote. Apparently Avery wrote this while in college, which makes me realize that maybe I could've been productive and added to our nation's GDP, but I was too busy drinking beer at our fraternity house...

Anyway, the program allows you to edit and manipulate movies...It's a great software package, and highly recommend if the software that came with your camera is not that flexible.

Link to Avery's Homepage

Link to Download File (Download the zip to new folder, then run exe file)